Training the Trainer

Training the Trainer

6 May 2016

Training the Trainer

Programme Overview:

The course aims to equip those involved in training with the essential up-to-date skills to be more effective in the delivery of the training programme and gain an insight into the different styles of learning, including appropriate and up to date facilities to use for training delivery

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for Training Managers, Training Co-ordinators, Human Resource Managers, Line Managers and those who are responsible for training and improvement of performance. Additionally, trainers that want to learn the latest techniques and methodology.

Programme Outcomes

Delegates will gain knowledge and skills to:

  • Identify the latest training techniques
  • Clarity of the key roles and responsibilities of the trainer
  • Meet the needs of the organisation
  • Support organisational objectives and strategies
  • Learn to identify training solutions and adopt an effective training strategy
  • Understand the significance of the training cycle
  • Understand how and why people learn
  • Learn the styles – maximise individual development through the learning process
  • Identify trainees – the selection criteria
  • Establish and write objectives – ensuring success of your training sessions
  • Develop a personal training style and delivery approach
  • Develop a process for designing, implementing and evaluating training techniques
  • Sequence materials and develop the course structure
  • Learn the training methods, delivery and evaluation
Key Programme Highlights
  • Training needs assessment
  • The different training methods
  • The different learning styles and the implications for the trainer
  • Objectives and expectations
  • Preparing and planning the training programme
  • Maximising the use of visual aids and other resource materials
  • Producing support materials
  • The trainer’s checklist
  • Presentation techniques
1 week  £3800
2 week  £6300