Media Relations and Public Affairs

Media Relations and Public Affairs

6 May 2016

Media Relations and Public Affairs

Programme Overview:

This Programme looks at how to develop positive relations with the media and the methods required to focus effective PR on government. The programme provides a practical insight into political lobbying and helps those who need to understand politics, decision-making and policymaking. It analyses how to develop a framework for media relations and understand the changing requirements of the wide range of media now accessible to all stakeholder and publics.


Who Should Attend?

Directors and Senior Managers in Media Relations, Marketing, Public Affairs, Communications and all those who have contact with policy makers and government. Those who are involved in government relations, lobbying, community relations and marketing communications. Communications practitioners and senior managers who are responsible for managing relationships with the press, politicians and civil servants. Those from the public, private and voluntary sectors.


Programme Outcomes

At the end of the programme participants will have a greater understanding of and have developed the following key attributes:

  • Deliver an effective public affairs strategy and programme

  • Understand the fundamentals of government relations

  • Understand and utilise mainstream, mobile and social media available

  • Lobby and advocate for effective outcomes

  • Apply E-Business and the internet world to media relations and public affairs

Key Programme Highlights
  • Appreciating how all media works, from mainstream to electronic

  • Understand the fundamentals of government relations

  • Handling the media positively and productively, whatever the situation

  • Talking to the press -‘ on’ and ‘off’ the record

  • Understanding how to capitalise on the wide range of media channels

  • Conducting controlled and constructive media interviews

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1 week  £3800
2 week  £6300