Managing Compliance in the Work Place

Managing Compliance in the Work Place

21 Nov 2018

Managing Compliance in the Work Place

Course Overview

This course identifies the essential principles for ensuring effective compliance within an organisation. It provides delegates with hands-on practical knowledge essential to introduce and manage a suitably trained workplace compliance team.

Who should attend?

Senior decision makers of all public and private sectors. Managers; especially accountants, auditors, money laundering reporting officers (MLRO’s), financial investigators, members of law enforcement agencies.

Course Outcome

Delegates will gain knowledge and skills to:

  • The principles and procedures necessary to carry out the compliance function
  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses within the compliance role
  • Suitable plans and actions to counter fraud
  • Awareness of the skills of interviewing, planning and understanding of financial compliance
  • Reporting of suspicious activity or transactions which may affect the organisation
  • Identify relevant evidence and understand issues of document and case management
1 week  ₦145,000
2 week  ₦195,000