Low Carbon Energy Economics

Low Carbon Energy Economics

29 Oct 2018

Low Carbon Energy Economics

Programme Overview:

This course is designed to equip delegates with the advanced interdisciplinary skills and knowledge required to plan, implement, manage, optimise and evaluate economic viability of renewable energy schemes and projects while taking account of economic, political and societal concerns.

Who Should Attend?

Those planning on a professional or managerial career in the field of operations,logistics or supply chain management,business development, as well as analystsand environment consultants in the energy industry.

Programme Outcomes

At the end of the programme participants will have a greater understanding of and have developed the following key attributes:

  • Understand an overview of the economics of low carbon energy
  • Identify principles and concepts of low carbon energy
  • Understand the economics of renewable power projects
  • Understand carbon markets analysis, trading and pricing
  • Identify and evaluate risk factors in renewable power projects
  • Analyse the market context, trends and future prospects of different renewable power solutions

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1 week  $6500
2 week  $10,500