Aid Coordination and Raising Funds for Donor Organisations

Aid Coordination and Raising Funds for Donor Organisations

30 Oct 2017

Aid Coordination and Raising Funds for Donor Organisations

Programme Overview:

This course examines, analyses and evaluates the key factors which ensure Aid Coordination; across continents, countries and regions to maximise the benefit of aid; and achieve the ultimate goal of self-reliance through sustainable high economic growth. It looks at the key requirements of raising funding from Donor organisations and working with them.


Who Should Attend?

Senior officials in ministries, departments and agencies responsible for winning funds, disbursing funds and monitoring departmental and project performance and have the responsibility of coordinating aid.


Programme Outcomes

At the end of the programme participants will have a greater understanding of and have developed the following key attributes:

  • Establish criteria for identifying the most appropriate Donor Organisations

  • Meet the expectations, requirements and needs of Donors

  • Prepare, research, write and present a winning business case

  • Co-ordinate the funding invested in the organisation

  • Demonstrate the results: set objectives and monitor performance

Key Programme Highlights
  • The effective use of aid programmes to meet national development strategy, and in particular the strategic Millennium Development Goals

  • Problem identification and resolution in a development aid context

  • Who owns donor policies

  • Understanding and applying the difference between “Doing things wrong” and “Doing the wrong things”

  • 5 key factors for successful aid

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1 week  £3800
2 week  £6300