Managing Green Energy Policies

Managing Green Energy Policies

28 Dec 2016

Managing Green Energy Policies

Programme Overview:

This course is designed to provide delegates with green energy theories, techniques and methods managing energy and environmental standards

Who Should Attend?

Oil engineers, business directors, project managers, commissioning engineers, fund managers, HR managers and new management professionals moving into facility operational and management positions.

Programme Outcomes

At the end of the programme participants will have a greater understanding of and have developed the following key attributes:

  • Understand an introduction to green energy policies
  • Evaluate carbon management regulation and policy
  • Identify energy environment management policies and regulations  Investigate environmental management within organisations
  • Understand the relationship between energy systems and sustainable development  Comprehend environmental pollution control
Key Programme Highlights
  • Low Carbon Energy Economics
Related Programmes
  • Economics of Renewable Energy
1 week  £4,200
2 week  £6,700