What We Do

Project management, support, and consultancy

For a wide variety of projects in both the private and public sectors. GTC Consulting has the expertise to take a project from initial concept through detailed planning to the implementation and final evaluation. Our input can also cover associated tasks such as feasibility studies, risk analysis and optimisation of financial, procurement, reporting and administrative systems.

Government advisory and management advisory services

These are many and varied, but include making the business case for PPP projects and improving their legal and institutional frameworks at a federal, state and local government level. Our comprehensive support service for governments includes policy advisory and development support, looking at the mechanisms for improving the delivery of government programmes, due diligence questions and communications strategies etc...

Business introduction service

GTC Consulting has specialist experience of Africa and the developing Asian and Middle Eastern markets, and boasts an enviable record of helping to achieve transformational change in those regions. Our wealth of experience means that we are able to offer a tailored suite of recommendations for western organisations seeking to gain entry into many African markets at local or national level.

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