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On our carefully planned and meticulously organised executive study tours, you will get direct experience of business and insights into trending topics through meetings with executives and access to sites and facilities relevant to your interest, job, and career.

We place a high premium on continuous learning by professionals and we believe that the experience and exposure gathered from a study tour can lead to better productivity on their respective jobs and their organisation generally.

Case Study 1 Good Governance And Reform

Objective and Brief
The Government of Maldives wanted to develop the Prisons Parole Act to be administered in the Maldives. They faced challenges in sourcing experts in the field with appropriate experience to draft the Prisons Parole Act taking into account the existing legislation in the Maldives.

Literature review, investigations, interviews. A team of six experts from GTC comprising of 2 lawyers and 4 constitutional review experts were delighted to draft the Prisons Parole Act for the Maldives government. GTC then emerged as the successful bidder in a highly competitive process.

GTC developed the draft for the Prisons Parole Act for the Maldives government within a six week period which was eventually signed into law by the Maldives government

Case Study 2 Operational Audit: MSME

Objective and Brief
Our client had spent 8 years and approximately $60 million dollars in executing the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises project in Nigeria. The project was World Bank funded and 3 pilot states were strategically selected as beneficiary states. The project had come to an end and an audit was required to measure the impact of the project.
GTC Consulting won the bid to carry out an operational audit on the project in 2011.


The four components of the project were also audited, specifically the Access To Finance for MSMEs and the Business
Development Service; Economy, efficiency and effectiveness of the Project Management Unit and the Executing Agency was evaluated and scrutinised by our team of practitioners. The audit exercise was made up of a team of auditors that worked directly with the client and the Project Management Unit within their premises, in gathering records, evidence and information.
The operational audit was successful. GTC was able to make valuable recommendations confirming the impact of MSME project and thus validating the extension of the project into phase 2.
Abuja, Nigeria. Field researchers across all 37 states.

Case Study 3 Project Management & Personal Development

Objective and Brief
To provide onsite coaching and development for the 34 staff.
Coaching and development objectives include:
Familiarisation with working methods and tools, training to use software applications, project management.Methodology

• Review of current skill and capacity
• Individual personal development plans
• Onsite/on the job coaching, site visits to relevant insulations and simulations
• Review and comparisons through a benchmarking tool to assess improvement and future needs
London and Nigeria
Duration: Four weeks
GTC developed the capacity of 34 staff to deliver the project on schedule