Who we are

The GTC Group provides customised, cutting-edge capacity building solutions for standardised management and specific regional challenges, with special emphasis on training and consultancy.

We combine international and local experience to help organisations meet global standards.

 What we do

GTC is a UK Based International Capacity Development Organisation specialising in delivering Training and Consulting solutions to Emerging Economies. Our specialist unit, GTC Energy, provides sector specific solutions for Energy industry.

We provide targeted solutions to build capacity whether it’s at a personal level, organisational level or national level. We assist governments and organisations across all industries to deal with a broad range of policy and business issues.

 Our Core Expertise

Over a decade we have made significant contributions to the development of various public and private institutions around the world; promoting a vibrant and reformed public service, a result–oriented management culture and high capacity staff.

We have developed a strong reputation for the quality of training and consultancy we deliver and the experience that comes with it. The hallmark of our ethos rests on the fact that we take you, our client, to be our focal priority: providing keen attention to your needs as an organisation or an individual

We Build Capacity Worldwide

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